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Projects - Better Regulation


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Leadership in Better Regulation

The Management Efficiency Unit (MEU) was given the responsibility for Better Regulation within Government. The Better Regulation Unit (BRU) was formed within MEU after an announcement in Budget 2006 and was tasked with the development of an Action Plan for Simplification in better regulation.

During 2008, the BRU completed a Twinning Light Project initiating BR capacity building in the public sector with the UK Government.

The BRU developed Malta’s Better Regulation Strategy 2008-2010 to support the achievement of Malta’s 15% administrative burden reduction target for businesses by 2012 which was approved by Cabinet. This project supported the achievement of Government’s agenda for better regulation.

Malta’s Better Regulation Strategy 2008-2010 aimed to ensure that all public entities take measures to:

  • continue simplifying and improving existing regulation
  • ensure the better design of new regulation
  • reinforce the value that regulation should not only be effective but also proportionate
  • ensure that the effort is sustained in the long-term
  • design and apply better regulation tools and good practice
  • promote a cultural change

In order to attain its ambitious mandate, the BRU made an application to tap into European Social Funds (ESF) and was subsequently awarded funds for the implementation of a project in developing the Public Sector’s capacity in implementing better regulation. This consisted of a two year project wherein the Public Sector was the main beneficiary of such funds, as the Public Sector received assistance and training in order to be able to implement better regulation initiatives. Moreover public officers received training in the application of the better regulation principles, the Procedures Manual and the Standard Cost Model.

The BRU represented an important step forward in the direction of enshrining better regulation within the Public Administration. In its period of operation, the BRU was instrumental in:

  • Overseeing the implementation of the Action Plan for Simplification, wherein 50% of the measures were implemented
  • A consultation exercise was held with all the business sectors to gather feedback on administrative burdens emanating from information obligations imposed by regulation
  • The development and subsequent updating of a Better Regulation Procedures Manual
  • The drafting of the Consultation Guidelines
  • A review of the Legal Notice Checklist process and subsequently made recommendations for improvement
  • A review of the use of the Common Data Base with a view of estimating the impact of removing the requirement for such certificates. This study was undertaken in preparation for the Directive 3 Elimination of Requirement to produce Civil Status Certificates which was subsequently issued in 2010​

All these measures contributed to improvements in the public administration and thus the delivery of better service to businesses and citizens.